Details for Volunteers

If you are interested in taking part in The Air in Saltaire then we need a few details about you.  Please fill in this survey and we’ll set you up to start monitoring:

Volunteers’ Survey:

The monitors are really simple to use, but it is important that our volunteers understand what we are asking of them!  As a guide we have prepared a volunteers’ information sheet: Monitoring_Information_Sheet Please take the time to look through this information.

Monitoring Worksheets:

In order to interpret the data we ask you to fill out a worksheet with some details about when and where you did the sampling.  We will provide copies of these worksheets, but duplicates can be found here.

Static Monitoring: Worksheet_Static

Personal Exposure Monitoring: Worksheet_Personal_Exposure

Feel free to fill these out either on paper or electronically.

There is information on using the monitor in the User Guide

Health and Safety

The air quality instruments that we use are commercially available and are designed to monitor indoor air pollution.  They contain a laser particle counter.  Please read and adhere by the following safety instructions:

  1. Do not attempt to open or disassemble the device.
  2. Do not use device near water, e.g. sink
  3. Do not spill any water on the device
  4. Do not push any objects into the openings of the device
  5. Do not install or operate near a source of heat
  6. Only use the charger supplied with the device, do not plug any other charger into the device

Project Timeline

Project Launch: Saturday 18th April:  Saltaire Conversazione


We have a stall at the Saltaire Conversazione.  Come along to meet us, learn about the project and maybe even sign up to be a monitoring volunteer for a few days.

Project Roundup: Saturday 12th September: Saltaire Festival Science Fair 

This year’s Saltaire Festival will run from 12th to 20th of September, and the science fair will take place from 11 to 3pm on Saturday the 12th.


The Air in Saltaire has a stall at the science fair where we will present their final results of the project.

Monitoring days:  We will organise monitoring days throughout the summer, in line with the availability of the volunteers.


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